Our 25th £1,000 lottery winner in our 25th anniversary year!

Our 25th £1,000 lottery winner in our 25th anniversary year!

This week we celebrated the luck of our 25th £1,000 lottery winner, just ahead of our 25th anniversary which is approaching fast. Congratulations to our lucky supporters!

Since we started running our weekly lottery, which supports the charity with funds for enhancing the lives of patients, staff and visitors, we have seen 25 winners of our £1,000 prize, in addition to 2 jackpot winners who both scooped themselves £10,000!

Over this time, nearly 7,000 smaller £5 or £25 prizes have been won by our players, some of whom have been lucky on multiple occasions.

Recent £1k winner, Mrs Hibbins from Camberley, said

Mrs Hibbins £1k winner Spring 2020

Mrs Hibbins – a lucky £1k winner!

“It was a wonderful surprise to receive a call to say I had won £1k – it took a while to sink in! What lovely news especially at this difficult time.

Frimley Park Hospital is a massive part of our family life. My children, along with most of their children, were born there, and our wider family have been cared for in the hospital throughout our lives.

I think all the nurses and clinical staff, cleaners, porters and voluntary workers do an amazing job. The small amount I spend each month is nothing given the amazing hospital that we have on our doorstep. We are so lucky.

I met one of the fundraisers when visiting my mum. It was a no brainer, so I signed up and am very happy.”

Our weekly lottery enables us to support many projects around the hospital, including our Stroke Appeal, Breast Cancer Research, and more recently, our Covid-19 patients. Prizes range from £5 – £10,000.

Sign up today to help support us with a regular lottery donation and be in with a chance to win.

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