Meet the team

Frimley Health Charity Team

Meet some of the incredible people whose passion keeps our Charity going and makes sure we can support our NHS, 365 days a year. Together with your support we can continue to help improve patients’ lives at your local hospital.

The Charity team works passionately to help make a real difference and raise life-changing funds across all our hospitals for patients, staff and visitors. If you would like to support our work we would love for you to get in touch!

If you would like to speak to a member of the team please feel free to email them directly. Or to speak to someone for general charity enquires regarding Frimley, Aldershot, Farnham or Fleet please call 01276 604642 or for Wexham, Heatherwood or Windsor please call 0300 6153206.

Andrew House – Charity Director

Andrew has led a number of NHS charities over the past 16 years and has developed their strategies and fuelled their fundraising ambition and drive.  From Oxford to Dorchester in Dorset and now to Frimley Health Andrew has developed and successfully completed many fundraising Appeals to improve patients’ lives.

Best personal charity moment:

One of best moments in my career was to see the Oxford Children’s Hospital opened by the Queen after successfully completing a £15m fundraising campaign.  The fundraising varied from multi-million pound gifts to an incredible variety of community fundraising all combining to meet our target of improving care for children.

Loves most about his job:

I love to see organisations growing to help others more effectively, and I also love to see communities pulling together to make the seemingly impossible a reality

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Anthony Kerslake – Head of Fundraising

Anthony uses his wealth of industry experience to provide leadership on the charity’s income strategy and communication activities. He is also the driving force behind any new and diverse income campaigns.

Best personal charity moment:

One of my proudest personal achievements as a fundraiser was when I took part in a charity cycle ride with three friends. We cycled over 300 miles in every weather imaginable, across four days and raised over £10,000. I also managed to not fall off my bike!

Loves most about his job:

I feel very privileged to work for the NHS. The best thing by far are those moments when you witness first-hand the incredible impact that our fundraising has on patients’ lives and on the well-being of our amazing staff.

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David Powell, Trust & Foundations Lead

David dedicates his time to researching and building relationships with Trusts and Foundations and says he is constantly “amazed at the tremendous things charitable Trusts do for people in need.”

Best personal charity moment:

I was a volunteer for the National Trust at Polesden Lacey and one of the roles I undertook was creating an induction training course for new volunteers. It was a very proud personal moment for me. They even got me on the stage at the annual seasonal launch event, as it was so well received by both the volunteers and the property’s management.

What I love most about my job:

I love it when persistence pays off! It is a great feeling to receive a favourable response from a Trust or Foundation that I have been in touch with – it’s a reflection that we got the right message across and shows that they really believe in the work we’re doing as a charity.

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Emma Carr – Arts, Creative Health and Communications Manager

Emma is our creative angel, working across the trust with staff and patients to improve the environment. She works closely with the community using art in different forms to brighten the lives of patients and families.

Best personal charity moment:

Creating Wexham Park Hospital’s children’s garden and seeing the joy it brings to children, families and staff. On a more personal level, I did the Moon Walk in London raising money for Breast Cancer a few years back and that was a fantastic event with good friends.

Loves most about her job:

I am honoured to work within the NHS alongside our brilliant staff. My aim is to just to make each space that little bit better. If I can help just one patient relax or one staff member smile, then I’m doing my job! I genuinely do love giving everything I can to help.

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Fran Palliser – Hospital Engagement & Event Fundraising Officer (Wexham Park & Heatherwood)

Fran is responsible for income generation and donations for both hospitals. She is passionate about giving every member of NHS staff the choice and resource to improve their environment. Fran began her career in non-profit organisations after transitioning from corporate project & event management.

Best personal charity moment

I will always have a complete soft spot for event fundraising. I have been involved in multiple marathons, triathlons, charity concerts and challenge events. In March 2020, I did a Firewalk for St Catherine’s Hospice which was sensational. 15 feet of hot red embers barefoot! It raised over £20,000 for charity.

Loves most about her job: 

I am so proud to work for the NHS with people who are committed to providing the highest quality of care. It’s so motivating ending my day knowing that I have made someone’s life a little easier or made someone smile. One of my favourite quotes is – “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

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Karen Franklin – Legacy and In Memory Officer

Karen looks after all activity relating to legacy and In Memory donations across the charity’s main hospitals.

Best personal charity moment:

Running 10 miles in the searingly-hot Middle Eastern desert to raise money for a scoliosis charity. The feeling of pride and euphoria I felt reaching the finish line was immense!”

Loves most about her job:

People imagine my job might be quite sad as I’m dealing with bereaved families and relatives. However, it is actually a real privilege to play a part in people’s final wishes being carried out. These types of donations are left by those who truly believe in the cause – and I am so grateful for their generosity.

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Keith Hanks, Hospital Engagement & Event Fundraising Officer (Frimley Park)

Keith is responsible for income generation and donations for Frimley Park Hospital. Keith has worked in the charity sector for over 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role.

Best personal charity moment:

Standing on the start line of Run Frimley in 2017, my first year of organizing the event, and seeing thousands of people who had turned out to support the hospital has to be my personal highlight.

What I love most about my job:

Working for the NHS in this role is a privilege. To be able to see the difference the money we raise can make to the staff and patients of the hospital is so rewarding.

Contact Keith

Kirsty North – Lottery and Fundraising Officer

Our energetic and enthusiastic Kirsty is responsible for looking after, growing and sharing the successes of our charity lottery. She also manages all of our wonderful merchandise, be sure to check out our shop!

Best personal charity moment:

Back in 2014 I had about eight inches cut off my hair for the Little Princess Trust. It’s a wonderful charity that raises money to help support children and young people with hair loss due to cancer.

Loves most about her job:

The best part of my job is calling a big winner to tell them the good news. It’s announced at the beginning of each week and I love a Monday morning winner call – hearing the joy and surprise in their voice is brilliant!

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Louise Smith, Supporter Care Officer

Louise is our star all-rounder! She looks after each and every donation we receive, runs the charity database and stays on top of all the administration.

Loves most about her job:

I am now semi-retired but still really enjoy my role at the charity. I love the feeling of giving something back to our wonderful community.

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