Leaving a gift in your will

A gift for the future. Leave a legacy that lives on to benefit future generations. Celebrate your life and leave a lasting gift to the community.

Choosing to leave a legacy donation is a wonderful way to make a lasting difference and support a cause you truly care about. All gifts in Wills to Frimley Health Charity have a real positive impact on patients and families at the Trust’s three hospitals – Frimley Park, Heatherwood and Wexham Park.

Gifts in Wills, no matter how large or small, will make a valuable contribution to the comfort and care of patients and their loved ones. From newborn babies on the Neonatal ward, to dementia sufferers and patients battling long term illnesses.

By leaving just 1% as a gift in your Will, you could really help to improve patients’ lives in our hospitals

Your 1% gift could be put towards funding the development of new services, supporting vital medical research and investing in the latest facilities across our hospitals

Leaving a gift in your Will is easy

You can make a will online today, using our easy, online service with Octopus Legacy. It’s very simple and Octopus Legacy can guide you through every step.

After making provisions for your family and friends, please consider leaving a gift in your will to Frimley Health Charity. Your gift could be for a specific ward or area of the Trust that has meant a lot to you in your life. A gift in your will could acknowledge the outstanding care you have received and help us buy life-saving medical equipment or fund vital research. There is no obligation to include Frimley Health Charity in your will. However, if you do choose to leave a gift in your will to us, you are saying thank you in a way that will carry on making a long-lasting, positive difference after you’re gone. You too could make a life-changing difference to the patients and staff of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust for generations to come.

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If you’d prefer to select your own solicitor to make a forever thank you gift to Frimley Health Charity in your will, you can find a local solicitor through the Law Society.

If you would like to leave us a gift in your will, please ensure these important details are included:

Charity Name: Frimley Health Charity and registered charity no:1049600.

Contact Kathryn Moore if you have any questions or have questions regarding directing a gift to a specific hospital or area of care.

There are a number of different kinds of legacies; the most common of these are described below:

This is a percentage of the remainder of your estate once your healthcare or specific gifts to family and friends have been met and the executors have made all the outgoing payments and other legacies or bequests.

This is a specified sum of money such as £50,000.

This is when you leave a specified item of value, such as a property, stocks and shares or a piece of art.

Support patients and families in your local area

Gifts in Wills can be specified as ‘unrestricted’ which means the Charity invests in resources in hospitals where the need is most urgent. Alternatively, if there is a department close to your heart, you can choose to leave a ‘restricted’ gift to support your chosen hospital or area of care. To ensure that anything specific is possible, please do get in touch by emailing Kathryn Moore to ensure we can carry out your wishes.


Teresa Ball was a patient at the Parapet Clinic in King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor for over 20 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50s.

After beating cancer the first time, she unfortunately found her breast cancer returning 10 years ago and this time it was confirmed as incurable. Teresa knew her treatment would be about balancing her life expectancy with her life quality. It was together with her Consultant Dr Thanvi that they came up with a bespoke approach after her diagnosis which meant she was able to live a much longer, healthier life, feeling well and fit for far longer than expected. After fighting cancer bravely and courageously for so long, Teresa sadly died in November 2021.

Wanting to recognise the outstanding care she had received from Dr Thanvi and his team at the Parapet Clinic and on Eden Ward at Wexham Park Hospital where she received her treatment for cancer, Teresa made a gift in her will to both areas of the Trust.

Her close friend Karyn said, “I accompanied Teresa on all her main hospital visits and I know that she was incredibly grateful for the extra years that she got thanks to her care at the Parapet Clinic and on Eden Ward. Everyone we encountered were so kind to us both. I always felt like a truly valued part of Teresa’s team and the staff went above and beyond often exceeding our expectations. I hope her gift can leave a legacy of gratitude but also inspires others to consider a gift to cancer services. Teresa knew that her local hospital enabled her to do so much more. Teresa was born in Poland and came to England in the 70s.  Teresa was a hairdresser which she continued to do her whole life.  She was very proud of her home and particularly her garden.  She valued spending time with her friends and enjoyed shopping which always included a coffee at Costa.  She was incredibly generous, kind and thoughtful and often did random acts of kindness, even for people she had never met.”

Fittingly, Teresa’s gift has enabled Eden Ward in Wexham Park Hospital to provide cooling cap treatment during chemotherapy sessions for patients concerned by hair loss. Together, the charity and her executor felt that a hairdresser who’d used the cancer services so extensively over the years, would find it an appropriate way to spend her kind gift

At the Parapet, Teresa’s gift will improve diagnostic rooms and holistic services for those patients affected by breast cancer.

Did you know that you are able to make a gift to a department of your choosing in your will? Legacy gifts can be as personalised as your care experience. Email Kathryn Moore, Philanthropy Manager to find out more: Kathryn.moore25@nhs.net

Reema Chopra – Vijay Chopra Foundation

Talking about her mother, Vijay Chopra, who left a legacy gift to Haematology and the Vijay Chopra Foundation they set up in her name to continue supporting the work of Wexham Park’s blood cancer services.

Mummy was a very kind, caring and delightful soul who throughout her life always put others first.  She was an incredibly strong and independent lady and despite the many challenges she faced in life, remained positive throughout.

Mummy loved nature the most and was incredibly passionate about her beloved plants and garden. Her daily routine began with her tendering to her plants whilst sipping on a cup of hot tea! Renowned for growing the most beautiful flowers, plants and herbs, she was a fantastic cook and would create the most delicious seasonal chutneys, sauces and treats to accompany her delicious dishes for her family and friends to enjoy. Every visitor would always leave with a flower souvenir from her magical garden or a selection of flower seeds that she had propagated herself just so that they could too share in the joys of gardening!

During Mummy’s rollercoaster journey with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), she was fortunate to be under the wonderful consultant, Dr. Mark Offer and his team. When he broke the news of Mummy’s diagnosis. Dr Offer took the time to explain the situation in an extremely compassionate, empathetic manner and offered his continuous support at every stage.

During her 5-year blood cancer journey, I attended all of Mum’s consultations, blood transfusions and hospital appointments, spending many days in Eden Ward in Wexham Park Hospital.

We struck a harmonious rapport with Dr Offer and his team of clinical nurse specialists and ward nurses in Eden and MIDU. This was a testament to the caring, empathetic and supportive nature of the nurses and doctors which made a world of difference to us – we really felt involved in the treatment journey.

Still today, we feel very fortunate to have had such phenomenal support from Dr Offer every step of the way. Despite his extremely heavy workload, Dr Offer always found time to reassure and give us hope. This was particularly valuable when Mummy would feel upset and emotional about her life-changing medical condition. There were many times when her condition would deteriorate rapidly, needing swift action. We will also be grateful to Dr Offer for his guidance and unwavering support.

Mummy was so grateful to Wexham Park Hospital, Dr Offer and the team at Eden Ward for their kindness, support, passion, and caring hearts.  Her legacy gift in her will felt very natural as they had become her little extended family away from home.

She was incredibly thankful to each of the team members of the ward, from the cleaners, the catering hosts, the porters and the medical staff. The gift in her will was her way of saying a big thank you to each one of them and we are proud to continue to raise funds for Eden Ward and to improve treatment, whether it be through clinical research or development of staff and those little extras that complement the patient experience. As a family, we endeavour to continue Mum’s legacy and honour her memory.

Mary was admitted to Frimley Park Hospital in the Summer of 2020 following a stroke. She had another one whilst on the ward but made “a remarkable recovery” according to her niece Dr Jane Pavitt.

During her stay at Frimley Park, Mary made her wishes known that she wanted to move to a nursing home near her niece in Suffolk and the ward staff took the time to help facilitate that move to enable closer contact for her family long-term.

Mary’s husband, Tom, had also been cared for in Frimley Park up to his death in 1999 and the couple were keen to show their gratitude when writing their will.

Mary kindly donated a portion of her estate to Frimley Park for medical equipment, which will go towards the Dementia Campaign’s equipment purchases.

Mary’s niece, Jane, said “We have had many, many years of contact with Frimley, I even completed part of my doctor’s training with the Hospital. It felt right to honour their wishes and to acknowledge the staff’s dedication.”


Brian reached out to the Charity as he wanted to leave a gift in his Will to acknowledge and thank the staff of the Cardiac Unit at Frimley Park, who saved his life after he suffered a heart attack in Frimley Park A&E.


Making a Will is very personal and something that many of us put off. Yet, it is the only way to ensure that your wishes are respected and those closest to you don’t face unnecessary financial or tax complications after you’ve gone. We understand that making such an important decision is sometimes difficult. If you need any help contact Kathryn Moore

Leave a Gift in your will

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