Dementia Appeal

Dementia Appeal

You can transform the experience of Dementia patients at your local hospital

A new appeal launched by Frimley Health Charity will transform the level of care dementia patients receive during their stay in hospital. The charity appeal aims to raise £1.1 million by 2023 to fund a range of projects across the Frimley Health Foundation Trust hospitals, so that dementia patients in the region will receive the best possible clinical and holistic care. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing and it doesn’t just affect older people. Over 40,000 people under 65 in the UK have dementia. We believe they all deserve the best possible care. We need your help to ensure patients do not face Dementia alone.

Understanding today so we can improve tomorrow

With people living longer, the proportion of people getting dementia increases. Those that are living with dementia find a new way to adopt and communicate these changes. Dementia makes it hard for them to access their memories.

Patient coming into the hospital maybe scared, confused, and intimidated by the setting, the sounds and interruption of their routine. Staff trained to understand dementia care will connect in a way that will ease and calm the person living with dementia which consequently builds a sense of trust. Providing an enhance dementia training and dementia friendly environment can achieve this.

When a healthy brain gets affected by dementia, reasoning and practical changes can be noticed. Interpretation, awareness and insight are just some of the of the abilities that can be affected by dementia. Delivering dementia activities in the hospital can help maintain their skills, allows them to express their feelings and improve their hospital experience.

Support our journey now.

Little extras that make a big difference;

Research by several dementia organisations, such as Alzheimer’s UK, have demonstrated that relatively inexpensive interventions, such as changes to lighting, floor coverings and improved way-finding, can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of patients. Environmental improvements also have a positive effect on reducing falls and violent and aggressive behaviours.

Renovation of the wards to create a theme of colour using calming vinyl and art gives an identity for patients and families to help their navigation. Providing patients with the correct imagery can stimulate reminiscence, conversation and interaction.

Musicians to play and interact with patients and staff can relax everyone and bring joy and a focus onto the ward. Music therapy allows Dementia patients to express emotions and feelings through alternative forms of communication, even if the individual is no longer able to speak or respond.

When you are living with Dementia, the world can feel very different. Dementia support workers will help provide practical and emotional support for people with Dementia and their families and carers for life.

The support workers talk through any concerns that patients with Dementia and their carers may have and provide tailored information and guidance on how to live well with Dementia.

Dementia friendly calendar clocks onto wards helps patients easily know what time of day it is and what day of the week it is.

Utilising outdoor spaces including the use of sensory plants and features can engage dementia patients. Projects have demonstrated that relatively inexpensive interventions – such as changes to lighting, floor coverings and improved wayfinding can have a significant impact. Evaluation has shown that environmental improvements can have a positive effect on reducing falls, violent and aggressive behaviours and improving staff recruitment and retention.

At Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust our vision is to set the national standard for excellence in patient safety, quality and continuous improvement for people with dementia.

It is vital that hospital staff at all levels, including porters, nurses, doctors and specialists have the knowledge to support all Dementia patients. By supporting our Dementia Care Appeal, you will enable us to provide the enhanced training to all clinical staff necessary for providing the best care possible for our Dementia patients.


Every year our Charity and community organises a wide variety of events. Whether you are looking to take part in a run or cycling challenge, or maybe a quiz or bowling night, check our events calendar and get involved!

Meet new people and take part in fun activities to raise money for the Dementia Appeal. Find an event in your local area and find out how to take part.

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