Little Stars – Frimley Park

The Neonatal Unit at Frimley Park has 16 cots and is part of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex perinatal network. We are your local Neonatal Unit and now accept babies from 27 weeks gestation and above.

The team in the unit want to provide the very best for parents. Providing a relaxing and welcoming environment for parents so they can have a comfortable space whilst remaining close to their child. To do this we need to raise funds for new beds, facilities and decoration.

The neonatal team are celebrating a second year of their funded secure Video Messaging technology this Mothers Day. Minimising the separation anxiety in parents of children in the Neonatal Unit, we are proud to fund this facility for its second year. In our first year more than 400 parents have had access to this fantastic service.

Success Story – vCreate

vCreate is an NHS Trusted Secure Video Messaging service that allows nurses in the Neonatal Unit to send video updates to parents for those times when they are unable to be with their babies. With donations from the neonatal charity, Little Stars, the unit is able to provide this service free of charge to all parents costing £3000 a year. The use of regular video updates provides reassurance at a very worrying time for parents and is available to access via email, 24 hours a day.

Siblings, grandparents and extended family can also access videos, with parental permission, to allow them to view the lovely videos the nurses have sent. There has been a very positive response to this service both from parents, who love receiving regular video updates and from staff who enjoy the experience of enabling parents to continue to see their babies when they are not able to attend the unit. Parents have commented that this makes the painful separation from their baby much more bearable whilst continuing to be updated on their progress.

We still need you!

We have already raised £9000 thanks to Louise and Kirsty who have run the successful Charity fun day at Warbrook House 2 years in a row! We need to raise a further £10,000 to complete the rooms.

We have two intensive care, six high dependency and eight special care cots and are accredited at WHO Level 3 baby friendly status. We have access to a 24 hour neonatal transport team for babies who require transfer for extreme prematurity, surgery and cardiac referral.

Our aim is to deliver family centred care and encourage parents to be involved in all aspects of their babies care during their stay on the ward. We need your support to enable us to support all members of a family during their time on the ward. A more comfortable bedside chair doesn’t sound much but it makes a massive difference to a parent spending many hours sitting with their baby.


The hospital is proud to host the Defence Medical Group (South East) with military medical staff working alongside NHS colleagues to deliver care to patients. The emergency department see 120,000 people every year and admits 55,000. Almost half a million outpatient appointments are provided each year and 5,500 babies are born at its maternity department.

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