Breast Research And Support (BRAs) Appeal

Breast Research And Support (BRAs) Appeal

Following on from the highly successful Breast Care Appeal, we are raising money to enable Frimley Park Hospital to carry out research into breast cancer.

On behalf of the breast team we would like to announce a new charity ‘BRAs’.

The helix on the ‘s’ is the DNA, is the true face and future of treatment for breast cancer which affects 1 in 8 women. We look forward to the day we can genetically influence the cancer cell by simply turning off its ‘drivers’.

Earlier this year, the team at Frimley Park Hospital wanted to join a very interesting study using minimal invasive surgery in patients who have chemotherapy first, but we could not due to need for more staff.

Why raise more money?

Do we just watch and wait?
Or aspire and move forward?
So we are raising funds to finance a research person to enable us to join future studies.


BRAs – Support :

BRAs is also aiming to provide support not only to their Breast Care patients but also their partners who are often also in need of support. No one wants to be a patient in a Breast Cancer Unit but if you do find yourself a patient, we want the new unit to be a nice place to be treated in with great facilities all round. The Breast Care team are very dedicated, passionate and strive to provide the best possible care to the 400 patients they treat every year. They have some great vision in what they would like the new unit to be.

If you would like to help us by hosting a fundraising event, we would love to hear from you and help you in any way we can.

Email us:


Facing the future:

One of the latest studies the Breast care team took part in is 100,000 genome study.. over 90 patients took part. The team may not know or understand some of the findings but it is a start, and Raouf Daoud FRCS,Consultant Breast Surgeon, believes they are moving towards the right direction in future treatment of cancer.


Committed to excellence:

Through the years, the breast team have introduced new techniques in breast surgery well ahead of many national and bigger units.
“We continue to develop new techniques” says Raouf.

Raouf Daoud FRCS, Sally, Kim and Mr Osman


The new diagnostic build:

The unit is planned and contracts with builders agreed. The site marked for few years now and extensive work has already been done to move department and scanners.
It is a complex business, as all these movements had to be done without disruption of patient care.


Find out more here and donate what you can…every pound makes a difference. 

Just Giving-don’t forget Gift Aid


Kim and Sally back fundraising at Frimley Park Hospital

Thank you:

We are grateful for our patients, who’s courage is the teams main driver to look to the future in confidence. We have celebrated a successful fundraising campaign of three years and the amazing spirit of giving of our community.
Many have already helped; individuals, patients and their relatives, companies and retailers.

Sally and Kim and their families from Fleet, were the main drivers of the hard work during the fundraising, when they rallied a whole community by painting ‘Fleet Pink’, for a whole week.

And we are so lucky to have them back with us again on this appeal.

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