Golden Christmas Appeal

Golden Christmas Appeal

Help Frimley Health Charity bring joy and light to our hospitals this Christmas.

Here at Frimley Health Charity we are hoping you can do something very simple, but incredibly wonderful this festive season. After the dark days of the pandemic last year and with winter now well and truly here – you can help to make this Christmas a sparkling, light filled occasion to brighten up everyone’s time at our hospitals.

Here at Frimley Health Charity’s hospitals, COVID – 19 rules meant that many of our patients and staff couldn’t see their family and friends. We couldn’t put up all our decorations that make the time in hospital during the holidays more bearable. We couldn’t have any of our carollers that make our older patients so happy. Or even the cherished visit from Father Christmas for our younger patients.

That’s why, this year, we need your help to make this a Golden Christmas.

Here at Frimley Health Charity we can’t emphasise enough the difference such simple gestures will make to sick patients, anxious visitors and dedicated staff.

As one of our patients, Hannah, told us after she was admitted for an infection in December, ‘I remember calling my Mum saying, ‘I don’t want to be here over Christmas.’ It was a humbling experience because I was in a ward full of people who wouldn’t be with their family over Christmas, who wouldn’t get their Christmas dinner at home and people who wouldn’t be opening their presents with their nearest and dearest.’

So please, if you can, send a gift of £25 today and help us make this a truly Golden Christmas. We are sure that no one wants to be at hospital during the festive season, but for those that are, it will make the world of difference.

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