Breast Research and Support – Frimley Park

BRAS Appeal

1 in 4 women within the UK will be referred and seen with breast symptoms. Breast cancer is the most common solid (tangible mass) female cancer in the UK, with 1 in 8 women affected within their lifetime. Everyone will know someone touched by this disease.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable breast cancer patients at Frimley Park Hospital to take part in the latest studies through the provision of the clinical research staff needed. Through improvements to the environment of care, through additional equipment needed, and through emotional support. We want to ensure the Frimley Park Hospital Breast Unit is maintained as the best place in the country to receive treatment.

Why we need your support

We could not join a study for conservative breast surgery in 2019 due to shortage of research staff.

How patients are treated is changing every year as research findings continue to improve care for breast cancer patients. In order for local patients to benefit from the research trials we need additional clinical research staff. We want to make our unit a beacon of excellence in recruitment to breast cancer clinical research.

Here are some of the ways your support will help:

A full time clinical research nurse, dedicated to the breast unit, will allow local breast cancer patients to take part in more national and international trials.

We aim to provide support not only to the Breast Care patients but also their partners

No one wants to be a patient in a Breast Cancer Unit but if you do find yourself a patient, we want the new unit to be the best place to be treated, with the most up-to-date facilities.


The hospital is proud to host the Defence Medical Group (South East) with military medical staff working alongside NHS colleagues to deliver care to patients. The emergency department sees 120,000 people every year and admits 55,000. Almost half a million outpatient appointments are provided each year and 5,500 babies are born at its maternity department.

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