The Gangs 4 Months, 4 Fundraisers

The Gangs 4 Months, 4 Fundraisers

Meet these fundraisers!!

2021 they are embarking on an incredible 4 fundraising events for our charity!

Here is what they are doing from March through to June.  We will keep you posted, so watch this space and support them.


4 ladies will be wearing blue or white suits (NHS Colours) throughout this emphatic quiz, whilst trying to answer the 19 questions quicker than their counterparts, Tanya & Abi in white, Charlotte & Katie in blue. We’re not going to lie to you, things are going to get horrendously messy in this quiz, they’ve all got to avoid 19 condiments they’re given from the beginning. There’ll be greenscreens in the background and air horns for buzzers, madhouse.

We hope, you, the audience enjoy this, it’ll all be filmed and put on YouTube for your entertainment, so please donate whatever you can to our Just Giving page, especially as these ladies will be completely unrecognisable by the end of this. All for charity and you’re entertainment.


This absolute monstrosity of a bike ride will take place the first week of April. We have Dan Hawthorne, Harrison Carter, Jacob Hall, Marcus Whapshott, Tom Silcox and Josh Allen embarking on a 6 day ride, all the way to Lands’ End, starting from Frimley Park Hospital. We’re sure these hairy bikers will make the massive 300 mile journey and what better way to do this absolute feat, than for the heroic staff at Frimley Health. So get donating people!


12 miles through mud and obstacles.

The challengers are as follows, the celebrity postman, Marcus. The big man, Harrison. Security man, Tom. The 29 year old uni student, Josh. The female Mo Farah, Katie and Ted. These absolute legends will be pushed to their limits, there are 24 obstacles and these range from knee deep mud, to electric wires, ice pools, adult monkey bars and loads more.

Once these athletes have completed the tough mudder, they’ll be rewarded with a beer and a medal at the finish line. Please please donate and help us reach our goal.


So, the final event, to end this run of fundraisers. Here we have the climb of Snowdon, with Marcus, Abi, Dan, Jacob, Harrison and maybe some others, we shall see who else we can have tag along. We’ll be slugging 1,085 metres upwards, (3560ft). There’ll be some funny shirts on show and some live video streams all the way up. So once again, get behind us this one last time and help us achieve our goal!

Thanking you once again!  Marcus Whapshott”


Feeling inspired, create your own fundraising mission.

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