Friday Fundraisers

We rely on donations to fund our work to improve lives of patients across our hospitals.

Nothing we do is possible without the generosity and support of people like you.


Here are two wonderful teams that created their own event

Team Ellis

Are raising money for the Rowan Suite at Frimley Park Hospital because this is where Emma and Trevor had their beautiful baby boy who was stillborn last year

A group did a “Virtual” Run Frimley and few weeks ago.  Here are some photos mostly selfies of the girls either just before heading off or when they had finished their run.

Their page and more on where the money will go.  They raised over £1500!


Holtspur village raised over £7000 in a community weekend

This fundraising event was for Wexham Park ITU Recovery Ward as small show of gratitude for the amazing care and attention a good friend of theirs received whilst recovering.

David created the whole 3 day event. 12 hours a day, 1 hour each family, 3 days around their village.

David said;

“It was quite easy to set up overall. Once I knew which site to use (JustGiving) it only took a few minutes to set up.

Setting up the event itself took longer, but it was really helped by having a strong community to support.

Once I got a few people interested and committed to the event, others quickly joined and we easily reached the target of having 36 families involved. And having so many people involved really made the fundraising easy, as did using Social Media to get the message out there quickly.

It also really helped fundraising for a cause that is both very worthy and also very topical currently!

On the day itself again the use of social media was key to show to everyone how the event was progressing and also create the buzz around the event that made it such a success.

I would encourage anyone to take the plunge and get involved in this sort of fundraising. I really enjoyed it and found it immensely rewarding, as well as meeting loads of new people locally. I am also more than happy to advise others and help develop a model to get communities involved elsewhere”.

This generous donation will be used to purchase a Theratrainer bike, which we can use to enhance the rehabilitation & recovery of patients within critical care.

It encompasses both a leg & an arm bike that can be brought to the patient’s bedside. It can be used in a ‘passive’ mode to stop joint stiffness & help with swelling. It then also has an ‘active’ function that helps build strength & cardiovascular fitness.

Their story;

Feeling inspired?

Have a look at our guide to create your own fundraiser.

And remember, every penny makes a difference.

The coronavirus lockdown means that we need your support now more than ever. There are still lots of ways you can fundraise for us and help us be here to improve lives across our hospitals and support our amazing NHS staff. Even in these tough times, we’ve seen our amazing supporters come up with some unique ways to raise money at home.

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