A Hymn a Day for the Time Garden

A Hymn a Day for the Time Garden

Meet 14 year old George

George is playing a hymn a day on the organ because he wants to raise funds for the Time Garden at Frimley Park Hospital in memory of his dear Grandad who sadly passed away last year.

Read Georges story:

“The Time Garden is a special place where palliative care patients and their families can go to spend time together away from a medical environment, surrounded by nature.

The Time Garden bought great joy and comfort to my Granddad and to our family, especially during his last hours and this is my way of saying THANK YOU to all those involved in the provision of the Time Garden.

My name is George and I’m fourteen years old. My Granddad loved listening to me play the organ.

Therefore I have decided to upload a video of myself playing one hymn a day until the 13th June 2020.

I hope you enjoy listening to the daily hymn and that it may help to brighten your day, during this difficult time, when many of us may be feeling lonely in self isolation.

I am happy to take requests to play any of your favourite hymns!”

Watch now these beautiful hymns:


Donate to our beautiful Time Garden-a place that has done so much healing for so many.

George-we are so humbled by your mission and can imagine how proud your Granddad would be.

Thank you


Raising money with Handmade Cards

We would also like to say thank you to a dear volunteer who has been selling handmade cards at the end of driveway, raising funds for Wexham Park Hospital

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