My children are the reason I run for Frimley Health Charity

My children are the reason I run for Frimley Health Charity

31 January 2020

Richard completed the 2020 Dopey Challenge in Orlando and raised over £200!

At the start of January, Richard Newbigin challenged himself to raise money for Frimley Park Hospital doing the Dopey Challenge.  Richard completed the 5k on the Thursday morning, a 10k on the Friday morning, a half marathon on the Saturday morning and if that wasn’t enough a full marathon on the Sunday morning!

Richard said;

“Rather hard but am happy to have completed it. With the temperature at 29c and humidity up at 98%, almost a third of the marathon runners where pulled off for safety and speed reasons. I’ve been able to raise £200!

My children also ran a ‘kids dash’!  They are the reason I run, so was great to see them doing the same.

I felt that after Frimley Park had looked after my family and I over the years, it was about time I give back to the amazing staff and a truly wonderful hospital.

Thanks again for the support”.


Thank you Richard on behalf of all of us at Frimley Park Hospital, every penny makes a difference.

Richard’s Just Giving page is still open and not too late to donate….


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