Who better to open the Charity Wellbeing Garden than patients and staff

Who better to open the Charity Wellbeing Garden than patients and staff

Charity Garden is officially opened

To celebrate the 73rd NHS Birthday, we were excited to open the garden to all this week

Monday 5th July, staff representing wards around Frimley Park Hospital, visitors and cancer patients opened the garden themselves.

Work started at the beginning of the year with funding from local community and NHS Charities Together.  What was a blank piece of inaccessible grass, has been transformed by DJR Landscapes with the voluntary design from James at Outside Spaces Garden Design.

Claire James, Lead Chemotherapy Matron had a vison to create a space for patients, families and staff to relax.  At the charity, we wanted that vison to become a reality.

“Quite often a lot of patients suffer from anticipatory nausea before they start their chemotherapy treatment. This is sickness that is brought on before their treatment has even started as they just associate being in the waiting room / ward / hospital with being sick. This particular group can now sit outside whilst they wait for their treatment.”

A thank you from the staff to all those that supported and donated including NHS Charities Together and Sir Captain Tom

Emma Carr, Arts and Creative Manager and project lead, cut the ribbon on Monday saying;

“This is our garden, our place to be proud of and treasure.  We will open it.  I have enjoyed the project coming to life.  Seeing the wildlife that is now around and the plants grow. We have welcomed sculptures from the community including ‘Mini Bob created out of a breeze block by Bob in our post room.  we would like to build on this collection from people like you”.

Over 700 plants and trees have been planted, seating donated and art murals designed on the wall to give all year round colour.

Cancer patients and families use this space daily and love spending time walking around.  Staff use for breaks and even celebrating the 20th anniversary of our stroke department!

From start to finish….. although a garden is never finished!

We still want to do more.

Please keep supporting our work in this special place.

Sculpture and Wellbeing garden at Frimley Park Hospital (G1 -F151) – JustGiving

Lorna Wilkinson, Chief of Nurse Midwifery; Jaime Dean Senior Sister | Medical Acute Dependency Unit Parkside Medical; Alison Szewczyk, Director of Nursing; Alison Stevens, Corporate Head of Nursing FPH; Emma Carr, Arts and Creative Manager

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