£50,000 NHS Charities Together support

£50,000 NHS Charities Together support

We are thrilled to have just been awarded £50,000 from NHS Charites Together. A huge thank you to NHS Charities Together for their continued support.

We are thrilled to have just been awarded £50,000 to help our initiative to enhance the wellbeing of our staff and patients by developing our outdoor spaces, providing quality garden picnic benches at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The Association of NHS Charities, operating as NHS Charities Together, is a federation of over 230 charitable organisations that support the National Health Service through charities like Frimley Health Charity.

Spaced throughout the sites, the colourful picnic tables close to departments, are available for staff to meet outside away from their wards.

Fresh air, natural light and garden smells are so important in wellbeing and engaging the senses. Studies show this increases work productivity, reduces work pressure and helps mental health.

It became obvious to have more outside seating available and we are continuing to develop these areas and provide more places to have a break, really utilising all the space we do have.

The picnic tables are a longevity project using recycled Plastic.  Requiring less maintenance and helping the environment.

This funding comes in addition to support from NHS Charities Together earlier in the year which has enabled us to support staff wellbeing in a number of ways through activity books for patients and staff rooms across our sites, wellbeing rooms and develop and print our trust therapeutic colouring books with students from Farnborough College of Technology.

It is because of all of the wonderful support and inspirational fundraisers, like Sir Tom Moore, and so many of the local community that have fundraised for us, that this has become a possibility and we are thrilled to help provide continued support for the incredible work at Frimley Health.

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