We are committed to providing excellent care for our Dementia patients

We are committed to providing excellent care for our Dementia patients

You can transform the experience of Dementia patients at your local hospital

AJ facilitating a video call

We wanted to share with you our dementia practitioner, ‘AJ’ facilitating  a video call . Keeping  dementia patient connected with their loved ones in a Covid safe way. These tablets have been funded by the community.

They also thanked you for all the Amazon gifts from our list during January.  These activities will go on to provide so much to our patients.

Thank you from the Dementia Team for your support

Door ways continue to get a facelift

Scenic beautiful vinyl’s have been installed on two more exits at Frimley Park Hospital with your donations!

Exits are areas where you don’t want patients congregating. It slows down the movements of the staff and poses a danger to patients who could get hit by opening doors. It also provides a quick escape for wandering patients and those patients who are always looking for a way out in their confusion.

Door murals offer an excellent way to create different spaces for different needs while still achieving safety aspects and introducing colour across Frimley Health for all to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who accommodated the work – on to the next project.

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