Walk Wexham raised close to £3,000

Walk Wexham raised close to £3,000

Around 60 walkers took part in Walk Wexham on Saturday 4th May on what turned out to be quite a blustery spring day at Upton Court Park. Walkers strode out on their 5 mile journey making their way down through Eton before making their way back through Agars Plough in Eton to the start/finish area and collected their well-deserved certificate of achievement.

Wexham Park Hospital are so pleased to be able to continue our wonderful partnership with Slough Rotary Club at this wonderful event, Slough Together Walk. We are still busy collecting in all the remaining sponsorship money but believe we have raised close to £3,000 which is fantastic. A special mention must go to Team Neonatal who have raised almost £1,500 and looked fantastic in their scrubs on the day. It is wonderful to see the continued increase in numbers for this event and also importantly the increase in fundraising for this event grow every year.

Looking for your next event? Look no further than Run Wexham, an event anyone can take part in with a 1k, 5k and 10k race options.

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