Trust Donates £14,000 to change Neonatal care at Frimley Park

Trust Donates £14,000 to change Neonatal care at Frimley Park

Frimley Health Charity wants to extend its thanks to a Trust (which wishes to stay anonymous) who recently donated £14,000 for our Neonatal Unit at Frimley Park Hospital.

The Trust got in touch with Kathryn Moore, the charity’s Philanthropy Manager, to discuss how they could support the Little Stars Appeal, particularly to support babies and their families at Frimley. Kathryn and June Swanton, Matron of the Unit met with the Trust and showed them how their support purchasing a few key items could make a huge difference to the babies and families.

Thanks to the Trust’s kindness, the Unit has been able to purchase specialist chair beds, allowing parents to lie and sleep next to their babies in an incubator, facilitating 24/7 contact at such an important time for bonding and skin to skin time.  Secondly, to help fund a Glidescope, a piece of video laryngoscope equipment to aid doctors when intubating babies. Thanks to their donation we can improve our smallest patients’ lives and medical outcomes as well as make their hospital stay more comfortable, aiding stronger bonding experiences with their parents. This equipment will improve the environment in which care is given for both parents and babies, aiding their mental wellbeing and healing, when they both need it most.

Kathryn says, ‘Connecting charitable trusts to the work on our wards is a real pleasure. Facilitating donors’ kindness by matching people to projects will really benefit patient outcomes and hospital experiences.”

If you’d like to talk more about making gifts to a ward of your choice, please contact Kathryn on:

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