Therapeutic colouring book created at Frimley

Therapeutic colouring book created at Frimley

A year long project created between Frimley Health Arts and Farnborough College of Technology has come to a fruition with a 14 page booklet published just for our patients across the trust.

Inspired by a matron asking for colouring books, the Arts Manager, Emma Carr approached Farnborough College of Technology with a brief to design linear studies for patients to colour in.

After presentations and consultations, fourteen wonderful designs were submitted and a book was published by Frimley Health Charity.  The colouring books have already been used in the dementia wards by the activity nurses and are proving to give the patients a form of communication, engagement and grounding.  Elderly care, cancer and pre-operative wards have been issued so far with more to now be rolled out.

Students were invited to meet Phillipa Hooton Head of Nursing Medicine and received their own copy of the books.  In return, they each donated a pack of pens!  Their tutors Jane Habgood and Charlie Gould said the project really focused the students and they were proud to be part of this amazing project.

This has been a rewarding project that will continue in years to come.

We are currently looking for a sponsor to cover the cost of printing and the supply of colouring pens and pencils.  The name or logo of the sponsor can be added to the books to recognise their support.

Produced by Frimley Health Charity 2019

Students from Farnborough College of Technology:

  • Cara Gravestock
  • Amy Louise
  • Catherine Gilchrist
  • Emily Watson
  • Jay Tarrant
  • Kerl Vargas
  • Lucy Rudd
  • Molly Grant
  • Viktoria Grainger
  • Jess Darnell

Art in Health at Frimley Health Trust

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