Target raised for the children’s critical care appeal

Target raised for the children’s critical care appeal

£250,632.00 raised to date

The Children’s Critical Care Appeal Celebration took place on the 26th February with a party on Ward 24 at Wexham Park Hopital

We were delighted to share the fantastic news that the Children’s Critical Care Appeal target had been met and you had managed to raise over £250,000!  A truly fantastic amount!

The appeal was to raise funds for:

  • latest state-of-the-art technical equipment
  • monitoring systems
  • furnish the family rooms for parents.

Thanks to your support we can enable doctors and nurses to give the best possible care to very sick children in your hospital.  The equipment that you have helped to provide for the children has included the latest equipment to assist children with breathing difficulties, portable ventilators to stabilise seriously ill children on the ward or while they are waiting to be transferred to an Intensive Care Unit, and monitors that give a rich display of a child’s vital signs.

Neil Dardis, our Chief Executive of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, other board members and governors joined the celebrations and thanked some of the many donors who helped with this project.

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