Steps4Dad donate wheelchairs to Frimley Park

Steps4Dad donate wheelchairs to Frimley Park

Imran raised £3561 in memory of his Dad with the aim of doing 600k steps during the month of Ramadan, (20k steps a day).

Creating his Online Campaign ‘Steps4Dad’, Imran received so much community support and donations, with his intention of donating a wheelchair to the cancer unit.

But their generosity grew and helped raise £3561 which funded a total of six wheelchairs!
These were received by Andrew House the Director of Frimley Heath Charity and Mark Lepine-Williams the Assistant Hotel Services Manager.

One wheelchair was given to the G1 department who care for all Cancer patients. ‘Pukar’ received the wheelchair on behalf of the department who cared for Imran’s father.

Imran said;
“Firstly I kept all my fast’s during Ramadan and I started Ramadan eve and finished on Eid.  In the beginning it seemed like a big hurdle but with all your support I managed to overcome this challenge! As you all know my target was 600k , but I managed to do a total of 774,575 steps (roughly) – 349 miles! (roughly)
A total of 174,575 steps above my target.

I would like to thank everyone once again who helped and supported me in this fund raising journey. ‘May we all get the continuous reward for this act of charity’….All the staff at G1 went above and beyond during his treatment path and we are truly grateful for this”.

The remaining wheelchairs have been allocated to wards/departments in the hospital where required.

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