Sewing scrubs at Farnborough College

Sewing scrubs at Farnborough College

Bringing the textile and fashion industry alive in the NHS!


We love working with Farnborough College of Technology and to see them develop this amazing support is wonderful in so many ways.  They have embarked on cutting patterns for scrubs and charity funding fabric to create scrubs for Frimley Park Hospital and local care homes.

Sam, the  course Tutor said:

“I’m really amazed at how readily ex-students and current staff stepped forward to offer their help and support and I’m really proud of their achievements. It confirms that this type of education is extremely valid if we didn’t have people who could sew and read patterns then none of this work could take place to support the fantastic efforts of the NHS and care staff.

We’ve had a second year student Amy O’Mara, cutting all the fabric out on a laser cutter at BRP Composites. Their sister company, BRP Machining also donated 1100m roll of fabric for cutting.  These scrub sets and hats have been given to the Frimley Park Scrub Hub who are now sewing them up for the hospital, 35 sets of scrubs and at least 50 scrub hats.

Amy has cut out a further 85 sets of scrubs and 50 hats from fabric that Farnborough College of Technology have bought and now we have a team of ex-students, staff and friends sewing together. Lareen who teaches the pattern cutting element of the Fashion Course, will be sewing up 20 sets, and ex-student Erin O’Mara who runs a company called Hoops and Threads, is making 20 NHS ‘patches’ to be sewn onto some of the scrubs to give them an individual design aspect!

I’ve coordinated it all along with sewing up scrub bags and the ex-students and friends are sewing between 5- 10 sets each.

We have ex-students who work at Frimley Park Hospital so sets of scrubs will be given to them along with some parents of current students. Others will be donated to local care homes to support them in their work”.

Incredible support and these designs and many others that we have been given, have really brought the fashion and textile industry to a forefront within the UK at this time.  The designs themselves have really boosted moral and communication with patients.

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