Run Wexham success

Run Wexham success

I hope you all had a great time at Run Wexham this year. It has proved to be another successful year with record numbers once again of over 350 registered runners and the current fundraising standing at just over £13,600! The run this year was in aid of the Frimley Health Charity whose goal is to provide equipment and services that go beyond the NHS budget for patients, staff and visitors across Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Fundraising will stay open until 14th July, 2 week post event, at which point I will then take a grand total of your amazing fundraising efforts and also announce our lucky winner of our top fundraiser who wins the prize of an afternoon tea for two at the Royal Berkshire Hotel.


As you may have noticed we had a brilliant professional photographer with us this year capturing as many pictures as she possibly could get. I know many of you are keen to spot yourself and you can do so by immediately by visiting the Run Wexham gallery on her website at;

Password: Wexhamparkfunrun19

I will be sharing all these images on our Facebook page tomorrow so feel free also to search for you and tag yourself and also tag all your lovely friends and family in the images we upload.

We are continually evaluating ourselves year on year on what went well at these events and where we can do better.  If you could take just 5 minutes of your day to complete our feedback survey it would be really appreciated, please visit to complete this.

Finally, a massive thank you from me and all of us at Frimley Health Charity for making Run Wexham what it is. It is so brilliant to see such a wonderful mix of people of all ages, from our youngest runner at just 20 months old to our oldest runner at 79! Each person would have taken their own unique and special memories away from this day and that is what makes this a special event to all of us. We have some very big plans already for our Run Wexham event in 2020 so watch this space as we hope you all come back next year with more of your friends and family.

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