Over the weekend, ALEX, SAM and JAMES completed the ‘Coast to Coast Walk’

Over the weekend, ALEX, SAM and JAMES completed the ‘Coast to Coast Walk’

The news you’ve been waiting for ….

Over the weekend, ALEX, SAM and JAMES completed the ‘Coast to Coast’ for our Stroke Appeal!

Sam said:
“We really enjoyed the last stretch though the North York Moors – stunning scenery and amazing weather capped off a great trip.  We have actually talked about turning round and doing the walk in reverse!
Huge thanks to my two best mates for letting me rope them into this. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without them. For now we rest our legs ready for the next adventure…
Once again a massive thank you to everyone who has donated. We are so happy to have nearly hit our second target!”

Let’s get them over £3K!

When they reached the North Sea coast at Robin Hood’s Bay, Alex said:

“…and it’s a wrap! Coast to Coast? Completed it mate.

Absolutely buzzing!

192 miles with these legends.

14 nights in a tent!

4 national parks visited!

What an amazing trip! Lucky to have had beautiful weather, met some absolutely amazing people on the way and views for days!  Thank you so much for everyone who donated, means a lot to all of us! Link still here for anyone who was waiting for us to finish!”  #coasttocoast #smashedit

Find out more about our stroke appeal and why these lads walked in memory of Bob, Alex’s dad who passed away due to a stroke in 2015 and for others who have suffered from this condition.

We really can’t thank you enough for every step you did, every hill you climbed and completing your goal for 2 charities! @WhiteLodgeCentre

The challenge:

Sam had been dreaming of doing this 192 mile adventure for a while, and knew that the experience would be even better if he could convince Alex and James to do it with him.

Wainwright’s route begins at St Bees in Cumbria, on the Irish Sea. It crosses the West Cumbrian coastal plain and the Lake District, and enters North Yorkshire as it crosses the Pennines. It then crosses the Yorkshire Dales, the Vale of York and the North York Moors to reach the North Sea coast at Robin Hood’s Bay.  The Coast to Coast was originally described by Alfred Wainwright in his 1973 book A Coast to Coast Walk

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