Over £3k riding 105 miles after surviving infective

Over £3k riding 105 miles after surviving infective

On Friday 6th September, Pete Hewlett and 3 fellow cyclists set out on a 100 mile bike ride to raise funds for Frimley Park and St Georges Hospital.

Both cared for Pete 18 months ago with a seriously ill condition.  During his time at Frimley, Pete proposed to his girlfriend, giving a slight scare to ward staff as his heart rate went up!  Mim said yes, and they have since got married.

Pete’s health continues to improve but he wanted to give something back for his care and decided to ride from Avonmouth to Bristol!   They did it in 15 hours and rode 105 miles.  A few months ago these men hadn’t even met. Friday they got to journey together for a whole day on their bikes. An adventure marking their determination and focusing on helping others.

They faced challenges along the way but the donations were pouring in all the way so they just kept pedalling for the hospitals.

After some well deserved rest with only having been in hospital 18 months ago with a seriously ill with a condition called ‘Infective Endocarditis’ (An aggressive bacteria in his blood which found its way into Pete’s heart and damaged one of his heart valves), on Saturday Pete said;

“Wow! Just wow. Thank you so much for all your donations. They are going to make a real difference to real people at two wonderful hospitals. The page is remaining open for a month or so, so you still have time to give if you still wanted to. But thank you so much for all your generosity”!

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