Our lottery helps change lives

GripAble rehabilitation device in use

Our lottery helps change lives

Thank you to our lottery players who are truly changing lives!

Kay’s story:

Kay came to Frimley Park Hospital after suffering a Stroke and as a result, lost her ability to independently care and cook for herself. As well as losing her independence, Kay was unable to take part in her favourite hobby of knitting.

Kay started a 4-week rehabilitation programme under the guidance of our Physiotherapy teams using the GripAble device which was funded by players of our charity lottery.

The GripAble is a rehabilitation device for patients with weaknesses in their hands and arms. Connected to a tablet, the device tracks four key hand movements with a personalised, progressively more challenging programme of exercises.

GripAble rehabilitation device in use

Kay successfully completed her rehabilitation and regained her independence. Kay is also delighted to report that she has completed her first scarf and is now on to her second one.

Thank you for all your support in making this change for Kay, and others like her.

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