Our beautiful Olive Garden is opened

Our beautiful Olive Garden is opened

Frimley Health Charity were thrilled to welcome staff to the opening of the new Olive Garden last week. The stunning garden space between wards G4/5 and G6 (Endocrinology and Elderly Care) at Frimley Park provide a beautiful, outside oasis, allowing patients and staff to visit when they can.

Emma Carr, Arts and Creative Health Manager said ‘This garden truly is stunning. The outdoor space before wasn’t suitable but has been transformed into a quiet, tranquil retreat, allowing for patients and their loved ones to take time away  from the hustle and bustle of the wards.’

The area was funded by our Dementia Appeal-being able to provide spaces that are suitable for dementia patients.  The design was carefully worked on to give light, safe paving, defined areas to walk around and a Mediterranean back drop.  These spaces are so important in health care and have so much meaning for all that use them.  Olive trees now adorn the space as well as lavender to attract wildlife. The Olive Tree provides yearlong colour and interest and produces flowers in spring that are beneficial to wildlife.  Our work means collaborating with many parties including the clinical teams and Capital Projects to make these amazing spaces a success.



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