Meet Fundraisers Jaime-Marie, Hart Swimming Club and Michael Usher

Meet Fundraisers Jaime-Marie, Hart Swimming Club and Michael Usher

Our wonderful and inspiring  fundraisers


Raising £830, Hart Swimming Club

The Swimming club, have been raising money for @FHealthCharity COVID19 Fund.

Swimmers were crossing the English Channel by walk/cycle/run in 14 days.

The club said:

“CONGRATULATIONS ALL SWIMMERS! Thanks to you all, we have achieved our fundraising target! An amazing achievement and fantastic contribution to Frimley Health Charity.  We’ve crossed the channel 53 times as a club. Amelia Thapa is leading the way with 186km”!

Raising £830.00 of their Target £750.00

Total plus Gift Aid: £1,029.50


Raising £863, Jaime-Marie!

Jamie-Marie has been raising fund for our BRAs appeal:

So far she has raised £863

Rowing 163 miles

She has pushed, pulled, laughed and cried raising money for the charity

Jaime’s story:

“One women on a mission for Frimley Health Charity because I’m alive because of these guys”.

Jaime pushed herself out of her comfort zone, alone and pushed herself.  Wanting to gain a better understanding of how we use trauma to power us-she doesn’t even like the rower!

“I went a long way and never left the house”.

Jaime-Marie Page

Breast Research And Support at Frimley Park Hospital (BRAs)


Raising over £4K, Michael Usher

Michael from @MU_Mortgages has raised OVER £4,000 for the #NHS staff at #FrimleyParkHospital

Thanks Michael!

All of you are doing a fantastic job and your support is overwhelming for our frontline and all our amazing teams.

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