Lottery brings musical cheer to our dementia patients

Lottery brings musical cheer to our dementia patients

Thanks to our regular Frimley Health Charity Weekly Lottery players, we are pleased that we can now fund a Music Therapist. This will allow wards at both Frimley Park and Wexham Park Hospitals to enable patients living with dementia to benefit from access to regular music therapy workshops.

Working with Intergenerational Music Making, our Music Therapist will bring together patients and families through interactive music therapy sessions. These sessions aim to reduce isolation and promote self-esteem whilst encouraging memory, identification, and self-expression for those living with dementia. Having these teams working within our wards further embeds therapeutic music into the delivery of person-centred hospital care here at Frimley Health.

Intergenerational Music Making’s independent research from December 2020, reported that the benefits of programmes such as music therapy for older people, including those living with dementia, include increased physical and cognitive activity and engagement as well as improvements in mood, health, and wellbeing.

Andrew House, Director of Frimley Health Charity shared “Our recently launched Dementia Appeal highlights the importance of how we are supporting our patients and carers who are living with dementia. The work we are undertaking will help to showcase music as having a fundamental role to play in healthcare transformation particularly for those within our hospital wards. We are delighted to be able to support the addition of Music Therapies across the Trust.”

Our weekly lottery costs £1 per ticket per week and allows people to support projects like this one whilst getting a chance to win a cash prize, ranging from £5 up to £10,000, from the comfort of your own home.  Signing up is simple and you can do so here.

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