Local junior football team score with a £660 donation

Local junior football team score with a £660 donation

Local junior football team score with a £660 donation to Frimley Health Charity

Alongside the many events impacted by Covid this year, the Under 10s and Under 7s teams from Bagshot based football team, Curley Park Rangers, found their 2020 tournament schedule cancelled.

At the start of the new season, and with no option to reschedule the tournaments, many of the parents and coaches decided that they would prefer their entry fees to be passed on to an NHS charity, particularly given the challenges experienced across the NHS this year.

Jamie Gregson, Head Coach for Curley Park Rangers under 10’s said;

“As a local team, based in Bagshot, the players and families of Curley Park Rangers make regular use of Frimley Park Hospital for both football and non-football related conditions! Being able to help support their local charity was a key factor in deciding to make this donation.”

This week, during their mid-week training, two of the under 10’s teams, Tigers and Jaguars, cheered for Frimley Health Charity whilst they presented us with £660 for use in the area of greatest need.

Head of Fundraising for Frimley Health Charity, Anthony Kerslake said;

“What an incredible generous donation.  We can’t thank you enough for thinking of our hospital charity and donating entry fees for this year’s season. We hope that soon you will all able to play again in tournaments.  Thank you again.”

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