Grateful patient finds and thanks the Frimley Park ED doctor who saved his life

Grateful patient finds and thanks the Frimley Park ED doctor who saved his life

Frimley Health Charity has helped Brian from Mytchett meet the Doctor who brought him back from a Cardiac Arrest and the brink of death to running parkruns weekly again.

Brian reached out to the Charity as he wanted to leave a gift in his Will to acknowledge and thank the staff of the Cardiac Unit at Frimley Park. Whilst working together to make this happen, Brian mentioned that he had thanked a lot of the staff involved in his recovery but hadn’t managed to find a young doctor called Dr Andy Phillips who had used the defibrillator and conducted his CPR.

Loving a challenge, Philanthropy Manager Kathryn Moore set to work reuniting the pair. Dr Phillips remembered Brian’s case immediately and was also keen to meet, despite his rotation taking him out of the trust at the moment.

One rainy morning in the Sir Captain Tom Moore Garden at Frimley Park, we reunited the pair some two years after Brian’s sudden Cardiac Arrest in A&E.
Brian said of the meeting, “I’m so very grateful for today. There are no words that can express my gratitude, I’m somewhat overwhelmed as it’s been 27 months since Andy saved my life. There has hardly been a day when I don’t think about it all. The last 2 years has made me see the world somewhat differently and change my priorities in life. Today I felt honoured and very lucky to finally meet Andy the doctor who saved my life – you have literally given me a second chance at life! I had no idea how serious the heart attack was that caused my cardiac arrest and I was indeed very, very lucky to have survived. Thank goodness I was in Frimley Park when it happened.”

“Finally meeting Andy after so long was fantastic and completes the one remaining thing I’ve desperately wanted to do since that day over 2 years ago, having managed to find many of the other clinicians involved in my care. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful care system with incredibly skilled and gifted individuals locally.”

If, like Brian, you are considering leaving a gift in your will to our hospitals or perhaps you’re searching for a member of Trust staff to say thank you, please contact Kathryn Moore, Philanthropy Manager.

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