Frimley Health Charity thanks communities for Christmas gifts

Thank you for your kind generosity this Christmas!

Frimley Health Charity thanks communities for Christmas gifts

It’s that time of year when we see even more generosity from our local communities as the Christmas donations come flooding in.

Thank you for your generosity this Christmas!Perhaps it’s a reflection of a difficult 2020, but this year Frimley Health Charity has been overwhelmed by Gifts in Kind sent in for patients and staff across our hospitals.

At Wexham Park we’ve had almost £7,000 of Christmas gifts from local businesses alone and Frimley has had just under £6,000 worth with several more deliveries still to come later this week.

One of the largest donations was courtesy of Annodata and Hasbro who sent in boxes and boxes of big brand toys for children wards and children’s A&E at both Wexham and Frimley Park. Wexham has also had many donations from Tesco, Royal Mail, Asda and the Space Station.

Businesses local to Frimley Park have been equally as generous with contributions from Morrison’s, Tesco and The Mall in Camberley, who collected gifts from their shoppers via their Giving Tree in the main square. Individual public donations have also been pouring in with local communities wishing to express their gratitude to staff across our hospitals.

Andrew House, director, Frimley Health Charity: “We are truly grateful for every donation we have received – from individual Shoebox Appeal gifts sent in by schoolchildren to the corporate donations worth several thousand pounds. For all patients young and old who spend the festive period being cared for by our compassionate and dedicated teams, we hope this helps to bring a little smile to their faces on Christmas morning.”

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