Eight year old Orla’s jam and cake sale raised £403

Eight year old Orla’s jam and cake sale raised £403

Orla from Farnborough really wanted to raise money for the NHS after all the great work the staff have been doing over the past few months.

Orla had spent weeks making jam and then asked a few family members to help her make cakes to sell.

On 13th June with help from her parents, Orla and 5 year old brother Joseph sold the jam and cakes from their driveway to friends, family and neighbours while maintaining social distancing rules with the help of floor stickers.

Sarah, Orla’s mum said:

“Thanks to everyone!  Orla raised £403 with one big donation even coming from a friend in Romania. Orla’s Grandma and 2 Uncles work for Frimley Health and we know how hard it has been during COVID-19 on our family and communities. Since then Orla has inspired two other friends to host cake sales for Frimley Park too!

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