Dementia friendly garden at Frimley Park Hospital

Dementia friendly garden at Frimley Park Hospital

A representative from Frimley Fuel Allotments, joined us for the official garden opening for our elderly unit at Frimley Park Hospital this week.

Joined by our dementia and charity teams, we all enjoyed a wonderful singing along with our patients!  Tea and cake was truly welcomed and the rain managed to stay away!

The generosity of your charity, enabled us to continue the project after the first phase of painting, adding art to walls and planting lovely tubs was completed.  The seating then took on a whole new purpose giving a place to sit and relax without being on the ward yet in a secure environment.

The matron and the hospital arts officer worked closely and totally loved working on this project.  Having the vision of giving the ward a beautiful place for patients and families to escape too.

Patients who joined us for the opening, expressed how important the area has become for them and their visitors. Quite tear jerking for us all.

Thank you once again to you all at Frimley Fuel Allotments, and your joint vision in helping us create a space for our patients and families.

Onward to our next project to create therapeutic spaces.  A much needed space both mentally and physically for all.

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