Damien Hirst donates art to Frimley Trust Arts

Damien Hirst donates art to Frimley Trust Arts

In May 2020, Damien Hirst created Butterfly Rainbow to show support for the NHS in the Coronavirus crisis

On exhibition at Frimley Park Hospital in the main entrance

The work is made up of bands of coloured butterfly wings, one of the artist’s best‐known motifs.

A limited edition of the work was produced with all profits donated to NHS Charities Together, raising a total of £1,508,172.

Trust around the country were asked if they would like a this superb piece of art – of course we said yes (calmly of course)!

We aim to tour the Butterfly rainbow around the trust over the next year.  From December 1st, it will be exhibited at the main entrance in the glass cabinet.

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