Covid donations fund research freezers

Covid donations fund research freezers

Thank you from the Research team at Frimley Health

Sarah Gee, Research Practitioner & Marcial Navarro, Site Lead Biomedical Scientist.

The Research & Development team at Frimley Health would like to say a huge thank you to the supporters of Frimley Health Charity for the funding of 2 brand new -80 degree freezers costing £11,000. The contribution of these freezers will make a huge difference to the invaluable research on-going at the Trust and will especially support the Trust’s participation in Covid-19 Urgent Public Health Research.

At the height of the pandemic, Frimley Health was the fourth highest recruiter to Covid-19 research in the NHS. 1,233 of our patients have so far been involved in this incredibly important & potentially life-saving research.

150 patients at Frimley Health were involved in the RECOVERY Trial, making the Trust one of the highest recruiters to the world’s largest randomised clinical trial of potential coronavirus treatments. Findings from the RECOVERY trial are already guiding clinical care for COVID-19 patients in the NHS.

Research is key to furthering our knowledge & understanding and the discovery of new treatments for better patient care. Research will be at the forefront of finding a way to treat and vaccinate against COVID-19. The addition of the 2 new freezers will enable both Frimley Park & Wexham Park Hospitals to have access to equipment that is dedicated to the storage of vital research samples. This will help the Trust to increase our capacity to be able to undertake future and more complex trials that require a -80 degree freezer resource. The freezers may also be used to help with the storage of samples for non Covid-19 research projects in the future.

The R&D team are extremely grateful for this generous donation and are already planning how this will improve and support research at Frimley Health. We would not have been able to deliver COVID-19 research without the support of our staff and of course our patients and their families.

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