Community make amazing scrubs for NHS staff

Community make amazing scrubs for NHS staff

Scrubs Glorious Scrubs, a campaign set up by local fashion designer Lynda Yong from Ascot to help make scrubs for Frimley Health has been wonderful and had such an impact!  Frimley Health has started a craze by allowing the use of prints for the non-surgical gowns!

Fabrics and finish is the forefront of the design, but with the innovative colours and placements of different patterns, has lifted spirits among staff and patients!  An outcome that has helped mental health and wellbeing.

The likes of former Sky Sports television presenter Kirsty Gallacher, Ross Kemp and Chris Evans’ son Noah has expressed their support to Scrubs Glorious Scrubs, who decided to make non-surgical scrubs to help staff at Frimley and Wexham Park Hospital.

Since Lynda launched the campaign, more than 400 keen sewers from across the UK have been sewing pieces of fabric together to be donated to medics at Frimley and Wexham Park Hospital plus the Nightingale Hospital in London.  To date, they have now delivered approximately  1100 pairs of scrubs.  The scrubs even arrive with a personal thank you note in the pocket that has added yet a bigger smile.

Seamstresses as young as five to 95 have helped sew scrubs as well as people from local Brownies and Guides to the top West End stage costume designers.

Thank you Roxanne

Roxanne is 8 years old.  Last week, she had to have a vital injection at Wexham Park Hospital and she was really, really worried about going. Her mother Aga works with Lynda, but Roxanna never wanted to learn how to sew, but together with her mum she made 7 scrub hats and took them to Wexham, and gave them to all the very kind nurses at her appointment.

Scrubs Glorious Scrubs have also had fabric donated by retailer John Lewis, Catherine Prevost and Royal couturier Stewart Parvin.

Chris Evans’ son Noah has also been helping raise much needed funds to support the campaign to get fabric for the army of sewers.  The 11-year-old has been sleeping outside in his homemade den for 28 days and has raised a massive £19,000.

Visit: to find out more.

Thank you to all you sewers

It doesn’t stop there, we also have the Camberley WI and Bags Of Love for NHS creating scrubs and wash bags as well as many other community sewers creating designs to bring lots of smiles!

This is so kind and supportive, that we thank all of you for everything you have made and have really raised many smiles.  Scrubs will never look the same again!





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