Chemotherapy rooms at Frimley Park get a new view

Chemotherapy rooms at Frimley Park get a new view

We are delighted to have fitted 8 side rooms for cancer patients at Frimley Park hospital with pleasant scenery. The designs carry on the theme of the UK seaside, which is throughout the unit.


We worked with the team on G1 to create the beautiful pieces. The new artwork gives patients who are having to isolate a view. Half of the unit faces outside walls with not much light – we wanted to be able to bring in some of the tranquil seaside to our patients.

Diane Robbins, ward clerk said,

“They are wonderful!  The patients so need this and they love them and talking about the places, thank you for all your donations to make this happen”.

Curated and funded by Frimley Health Charity and donations to G1

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