Charity Funds Development of Ground-breaking New Surgical Table

Charity Funds Development of Ground-breaking New Surgical Table

We were absolutely delighted to learn that Charity funding led to the development of an innovative hand surgery table by Matthew Gardiner, the Associate Medical Director for Research, as well as the consultant Hand and Plastic Surgeon at Frimley Health Foundation Trust.

Known as ‘The Gardiner Hand Surgery System’, the table takes performing surgery to a new level, with patients being able to sit up throughout the procedure. The table attaches to the operating bed, allowing for easier positioning of the limb for the surgeon. This new technique is not only safer for the patient, but provides a much more comfortable experience for all involved.

Mr Gardiner initially had the idea, sketching out his vision on the back of a packet. He then worked with leading manufacturer of theatre equipment, Anetic Aid to create a prototype, and within months the first trial table was ready. He recognised that additional funding support was needed for further prototyping, so he applied to the Charity, and we responded providing him with the funding to take it forward.

We are so happy to support Matt in this pioneering research and equipment – these are 2 areas of the Trust that charity is passionate to continue to support.

Mr. Gardiner was interviewed on BBC Surrey about his innovation, in which he encourages support of the Charity so staff and patients can continue to have better experiences.

For the full interview visit:

Mr Gardiner’s interview can be found from 2:41:54 – 2:48:12

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