Great British Rainbow Active Series

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01 Jan 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Various Locations

Great British Rainbow Active Series.

In support of the NHS, a brand-new series across the UK has been launched to encourage people to get moving and be more active. You can choose to cycle, walk or run each month to achieve personal goals, improve your health and wellbeing and have some great fun along the way. It is open to everyone, get your family, friends and colleagues involved and help us to support your fantastic local NHS.

What is the Great British Rainbow Active Series?

Each person or team that enters the Great British Rainbow Active Series can choose to walk, run or ride a specific distance depending upon their individual ability and aim. In return participants not only start to improve their physical & mental health, but also receive awards including a gift box upon registration, exclusive medal / pin badge upon completion of their challenge and the opportunity to join our dedicated Series online community. As we start to move away from the pandemic, the mental and physical health of people throughout the UK is more of a priority than ever. This is especially significant for millions of workers who have had to restrict their movement, exercise and social interaction. The Great British Rainbow Active Series aims to reverse that while also bringing people together from all over the UK to support your local NHS.

How does it work?

Each calendar month there is the opportunity to enter the Great British Rainbow Active Series as individuals or teams or both for a small cost. Challenge yourself to run, cycle or walk your target monthly distance to receive an exclusive medal or pin badge uniquely designed for each month. Be part of the Rainbow Active Series community as we raise funds for hospitals across the UK.

How to get involved?

Enter via the Great British Rainbow Active Series easy-to-use online entry (or by post) to take part in your challenge each month. The entry process opens two weeks before the start of each month.

Only 1,000 places are available each month for the Series, on a first-come first-served basis, so enter early to secure your place!

Go to the Entry Form below.

Register here

The Rainbow Rewards

Have fun whilst achieving your health, fitness and fundraising goals, then be rewarded for completing your chosen activity. As well as your Gift Box (adult entries only) when you register, you’ll get an exclusive medal or pin badge each month. You can also submit your story to qualify for one of our special monthly awards.

Great British Rainbow Active Series Back Story

GBRAS inspiration comes from RIDE2020UK, created by Michelle Vorel-Adams and Phil Fortun following Michelle’s recovery from life-threatening Deep Vein Thrombosis, and as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the local hospital. In light of the pandemic, we wanted to create something that everyone could get involved in to become more active, improve their mental health and have some fun with others after the lock down isolation.
Michelle and Phil have a 35+ years’ experience in the sport, leisure, health and event sectors, and are involved in a number of major UK and International initiatives. They are currently working with the NHS to develop ground-breaking projects using exercise as a way of recovery from life threatening illness. Michelle is also UK & Ireland President and European Cycling Directeur for ACES Europe, an organisation whose purpose is to get people more physically active, healthy and help to create fitness opportunities for all.


Every year our Charity and community organises a wide variety of events. Whether you are looking to take part in a run or cycling challenge, or maybe a quiz or bowling night, check our events calendar and get involved!

Meet new people and take part in fun activities to raise money for us. Find an event in your local area and find out how to take part.

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