Area of Greatest Need

Supporting your NHS hospital at this challenging time

Your support today will allow us to help transform and improve the areas of greatest need and aid the wellbeing of the NHS staff working across our hospitals when they need it most. We are dealing with unpredictable and evolving situations, with the hospitals needing to react quickly to changes as they happen daily. Your donation today will allow us the flexibility to do just that.

We are currently seeing a situation that is unprecedented. But amidst the worry and concern that so many are feeling, one constant is the remarkable work of our hospitals and our incredible NHS staff who are working on the frontline under extreme pressure.

As an NHS charity, we believe it is our duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with our hospitals and their staff, now more than ever. The money raised is going to support in ways above and beyond what the NHS can ordinarily provide.

Help us to say thank you for all that the NHS is doing at this time and support your NHS hospital. Your donation today will support our NHS staff, volunteers and patients at a time when they need it the most.


Frimley Health Charity’s sole purpose is to enhance the care of patients in our hospitals above and beyond that provided by the NHS. We work hard with the hospitals to ensure that the charity is providing the added extras that genuinely enhance the healthcare available to your local community in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

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