A Generous In Memory Donation at Wexham Park

A Generous In Memory Donation at Wexham Park

Last week we had a very generous donation come in to Wexham Park. Seema, her siblings Sandeep and Anuj and their family and friends raised over £7000 for Frimley Health Charity in memory of her mother who sadly passed away on the 8th January 2021 due to COVID related complications.

Seema said “Everyday the news highlights the difficult, demanding circumstances frontline NHS staff are faced with during this pandemic. Only once you’ve lost a loved one in this way, does the reality of this situation really sink in. Our mother was in Wexham Park Hospital for 17 days, requiring 24 hour support. The care our mother received was outstanding and she ensured the nurses and doctors knew how grateful she was for their help.”

By raising over £7000, Frimley Health Charity were able to buy:

  • A Optiflow Machine for treatment support with COVID.
  • Radios for the Side rooms on Level 2 of the EAC so that patients could listen to music, radio stations so that they do not feel alone.
  • Fleeces for over 100 members of staff to thank them for all their hard work where given out.

We want to say a massive thank you to Seema and her family for this kind donation – its donations like this that make it possible for Frimley Health Charity to continue their hard work to improve patients’ lives.

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