Listen to our dementia nurse talk about our new appeal

Listen to our dementia nurse talk about our new appeal

Meet Ablen, our lead dementia nurse at Frimley Health Trust

Ablen is passionate about the care dementia patients receive and it at the forefront of our new Dementia Appeal, to help transform dementia care in the Trust.

Ablen said:

“For many patients with dementia, hospitalization can be an unfamiliar and frightening experience. They are not often admitted simply because of their dementia but because of the associated problems they had such as infection, falls, and poor nutrition. Importantly, 25% of acute hospital beds are occupied by a person living with dementia – all at different stages with individual needs.

Dementia care is everybody’s business and improving dementia care culture must be everyone’s responsibility”.

Ablen Dacalos, Lead Dementia Nurse

When a healthy brain gets affected by dementia, reasoning and practical changes can be noticed. Interpretation, awareness and insight are just some of the of the abilities that can be affected by dementia. Delivering dementia activities in the hospital can help maintain their skills, allows them to express their feelings and improve their hospital experience.

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