Thursday Thank you’s!

Thursday Thank you’s!

Meet Margaret

A mum from just one of a team of stitchers making 150 clinical scrubs for Frimley Park Hospital.  Margaret is 104 and is sewing scrub trouser legs.  All the scrubs being made by the team are of high quality by a professional costume maker.


Legacy Sportswear

For donating some hoodies to Frimley Park Hospital.  Very thoughtful and much appreciated to you all at @legacysportswear

Doctor Bee

One of our Junior Doctors Bairavi has been liaising with quite a few companies such as LoveCorn and The Beauty Bank with donations of hundreds sanitizers/creams/deodorants.  Also Bee arranged for 1500 drinks to Wexham Park Hospital from @innocent drinks!  Given to housekeeping, porters, catering staff, estates staff, pharmacists, secretaries, nurses and all the wards!


A little help: Frimley Park and Wexham Park Hospital

We need a few new magazines, puzzle books, (cookbooks and books with photos in are really great for our dementia patients) for staff in the wellbeing hubs and patients that cannot be visited by loved ones right now and still being treated.  These can be dropped at safe locations to each site.

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