13 miles, 1 neonatal team, 6th October

13 miles, 1 neonatal team, 6th October

3 October 2019

Neonatal Team raising money for the Special Care Baby Unit at Wexham Park Hospital.

Sunday 6th October 2019
Maidenhead Boundary Walk

Following on from the great achievement on the 5 mile walk in slough, the neonatal team are embarking on a 13 mile challenge around maidenhead, to raise funds for their unit!

The funds will help to purchase valuable developmental care products for the premature babies. Which in turn is to help with the premature babies neurodevelopment in the future.

Equipment is another focus for these vulnerable babies. Our target for the next 12months is to purchase 2 phototherapy units that will allow babies with jaundice to have phototherapy and also be taken out for cuddles and feeds.

Support the fantastic team at Wexham and cheer them along with a sponsor…

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