Tour de Frimley is underway!

Tour de Frimley is underway!

And they’re off!

This years intrepid cyclists have departed from Farnham on 27th August 2019 and are now heading to Plymouth to catch their ferry!

Cycling 400 miles toward the Spanish Pyrenees and hopefully back all in 5 days.

Here they are at the start line for the mandatory team photo, flying the flag for our sponsors 4 PWRR – The Tigers and Parkside Suite, Frimley.

This year, the challenge had some uncontrollable matters so slightly different.  Our friends at 4 PWRR – The Tigers are still going as a military exercise and they are kindly taking Gary Read, Frimley Health Cardiac Technician with them!


Gary has so far raised £1600 for the Frimley Health Charity Stroke Appeal!

A family member of Gary’s, needed treatment at Frimley following a stroke in 2018. Gary is pleased to say they have since made a full recovery!  This is Gary’s way of saying thank you to our Stroke Unit. It highlights the importance of getting fast treatment for improved patient outcomes.

  • If you suspect a stroke call 999 immediately!
  • Remember FAST!

Donations to Gary’s Just Giving page would be greatly appreciated

Let’s try and get him past £2k ??

Please join us in wishing them all a safe and enjoyable journey. They depart Tuesday 27th August and return Tuesday 3rd September.

PS And thank you to Johnson’s Wax Frimley volunteer’s who kindly decorated one of our outdoor spaces the other week – see pic!

Good luck everyone and stay safe! ???????‍♀️


Keep in touch with our updates throughout the week on our social media channels!


PS: Thank you to SC Johnson’s Frimley volunteer’s who kindly decorated one of our outdoor spaces the other week – see pic!

PPS: Thank you to Barry Disney at Bazbikes for giving the bikes a once over! ??


For more information our Stroke Appeal….

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