Thank you to the Burges family from Yateley

Thank you to the Burges family from Yateley

A Yateley family have just put the finishing touches to a relative room following a refurbishment project at Frimley Park Hospitals stroke ward fundraised by the community.

The refurbishment brightens the space with toys and books to supply kids of all ages  and importantly allows for two beds in the space, for those relatives needing to stay close to their loved ones.

The Burges family, or Burgess Bunch as they are known to friends, spent a brief yet life altering time on the ward last year when they lost husband and father Pete Burgess to a stroke at the age of 56. Pete spent less then 48 hours on the ward and the family spent that time by his side.

Inspired by the hard night their mum had staying the ward to be close to Pete, the kids Sam and Hannah knew they could make a difference to the ward to help future relatives. “We wanted to give something back to the hospital who had done so much to look after our dad and comforted us in our hardest times. I hope the room gives a small space for relatives to rest, recharge and break from the overwhelming sensations of being in a hospital.”


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