Continuing our Stroke Appeal

Continuing our Stroke Appeal

19 October 2018

We wanted to share some stories

Effects of a stroke…..
All strokes are different.
For some people, the effects may be relatively minor and may not last long, while others may be left with more serious long-term problems.

Andy had a stroke and said ‘one thing he should have done and he would advise other stroke patients to do is use all the facilities and help there is on offer at Frimley. He struggled to engage with all the therapists but wishes he did more with them.
Try and engage with as many people as possible as that chance will disappear when you leave’!


Andy was at Frimley Park Hospital.
Andy was an artist before his life threatening stroke and now he is stronger than ever adapting his love for art. He is now using his skill-with his other hand! I think he is really focusing on the subject which you can see with his eye study.

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