Supporter Story – London Marathon Runner Becca Gill

Supporter Story – London Marathon Runner Becca Gill

“I got on well in the marathon – the heat was tough and I did struggle a bit with the last 6 miles, but I managed to finish in 5:16:12. It was a bit slower than I really wanted but I’d decided not to worry about my time and just to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

It was absolutely fantastic having my family and some friends out on the course to support me, it gave me such a great boost each time I saw some of them. It also really helped to break up the distance, because I kept focusing on how many miles I had until I would next see them, instead of thinking about how many miles I was from finishing!

For me there were so many highlights… because I was running alone I felt quite nervous heading to the start, but I got talking to a few other runners on the way and while we were waiting for our wave to set off, and that really helped. The running community are always so supportive of each other that even though it’s a solo sport you always feel part of a team.

The first few miles were great because all the runners are excited and the spectators are fantastic – I’ve never heard so many people shout my name or high fived so many children! I think it’s great for them to see that all sorts of people can run, it’s a very inclusive sport.

Running over Tower Bridge was absolutely amazing (especially because by then you’re over half way, and what you’re going to do actually starts to feel possible!).

The end of the race was hard work, but all the support from the crowd and the fantastic volunteers carried me through. I felt very emotional crossing the finish line, but luckily I think my sunglasses hid my tears! Even better was meeting up with my family at the end, and getting a cuddle from baby Newton – he had a special tshirt with “Go Auntie Becca” on the front, I think that made me feel more proud than my medal!”

Becca really wanted to take this opportunity to raise money for an important cause. She chose to raise funds for Frimley Health Charity because 5 days after her nephew was born in July 2017 he was admitted to Wexham Park Neonatal unit after losing 18.5% of his birth weight. He was born with a tongue tie and had a huge amount of difficulty feeding during those critical first few days. With the support and close monitoring of the amazing staff in the Neonatal Unit he made amazing improvements and was able to go home after a week. It was hugely important that both her sister and her husband were able to stay overnight at on the ward throughout Newton’s stay, something that was made possible partly because of support from Frimley Health Charity.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to take part in an event for Frimley Health Charity and just like Becca, make a real difference in improving patients lives and their families.

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