Support complementary care in cancer

Support complementary care in cancer

The complementary care in cancer team are a small team but have a big impact, with only two therapists they have given over 1700 treatments in a year at Wexham Park Hospital.

They feel privileged to be able to offer this valuable service to adult patients with cancer, supporting them through what can be a most difficult time in their life.

They are there to support people throughout their cancer journey, from diagnosis, treatment & procedures as well as assisting in managing symptom control. They also provide coping strategies which can enable people to self manage concerns.

Stress & anxiety can take so much out of the person during their conventional treatment.  Patients feedback tell us how beneficial they find the complementary care service to their well being and their holistic recovery.

“…giving such comfort when sometimes we lose all sense of just being.  You gave me hope  and strength in that quiet hour.”

“An uplifting experience which I would recommend to anyone in our situation.”

“Before I saw the therapist I was feeling both emotionally and physically low.  After my treatment I had greatly improved on both counts.  I feel complementary therapy is a very positive experience with great benefits to patients.”

“A life-line at a very stressful time.”

Your donations will enable the complementary care in cancer team to continue this service

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