Fundraising ideas

Want to fundraise at home and unsure of what to do? Have a look here and see if we can help you get started. We’ve got lots of virtual fundraising ideas you can try at the moment while social distancing.

Sound out your idea, or find a brand-new one. Whether you’re a wizard at quizzes, a sports superstar or host with the most, Frimley Health Charity will be right behind you all the way.

Fundraising Ideas

Teach an online class, like yoga, home workouts or guitar lessons, or offer home schooling – it’s a great way to help people learn new things!

Make homemade gifts, soap or cards at home. Send to your friends and family in the post and ask for a donation

Host a virtual coffee morning with friends and family or challenge your friends to a virtual bake-off competition – grab a cuppa, a slice of cake and some games.

Host a virtual pub quiz over video chat or on social media – invite your friends and family and find out who’s the most competitive player!

Now’s the perfect time to declutter and sell any old clothes, gifts or books online – try eBay for charity, Facebook Marketplace or Depop.

Invite your friends to a gaming marathon and place bets on the winner – it’s a great way to keep in touch and have fun at the same time.

Music brings people together – even from a distance! Host an online gig, open mic, karaoke night or talent show with people donating to get involved and have some fun.

Set yourself a physical challenge to complete from home. How about working out the distance to your nearest hospital or someone special to you and running or cycling the miles over a few days? Or for every £1 donated, complete a certain number of push-ups or flights of stairs.

Donate the cost of your commute, coffee, lunch or any other daily savings from not working at the office. Easy.

Our Events

Every year our Charity and community organises a wide variety of events. Whether you are looking to take part in a run or cycling challenge, or maybe a quiz or bowling night, check our events calendar and get involved!

Meet new people and take part in fun activities to raise money for us. Find an event in your local area and find out how to take part.

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Online Giving Page

Setting up and maximsing your online giving page can be a bit daunting or a complicated task.

Here we give guidance on how to set up your chosen online giving page and how to really get the most our of it so it reflects all the hard work you are putting in.

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Do Your Own Fundraising

Whether you want to hold a charity bake sale, plan a party or join one of our fundraising events, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to make your day fab and full of fun.
There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to raising money for a great cause. We know that some people want to do their own thing, and we’re lucky that people organise all sorts of wonderful events to support us.

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